Information Overload

I’m back!

Now I’m not going to go on and on about being slack cause I’ve not posed in a few days, that’s just life!

I’ve had a few things going on behind the scenes and yes, I know, whilst I should have been writing about it, I, for whatever reason have chosen not to. Mainly due to my lack of motivation and confusion about the world of blogs.

Instead, these past few days, I’ve decided to immerse myself into the fast paced world of learning ‘How To Blog’ and to be completely honest, I’ve gotten myself completely confused in the process.  There are all these questions;

  • What is my blog about?
  • Do you have an elevator pitch?
  • Do you have a landing page?
  • Have you got your SEO sorted?
  • Plugins?
  • Do you have Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and the likes?
  • If not, why not?
  • Blah, blah, blah!

Wow, it’s seriously enough to do your head in without even getting into how many different courses there are and who’s the best in the business etc etc.

Now, I understand that there is a call for all of those things, but right now, the trajectory that I am on, is to simply just blog on a daily basis about my life and the going’s on within my square inch of the world.

I completely understand that if I was to be blogging for business then there is a just calling and a definite knowledge base to ensure success within this field. But as I said, for now, I’m just going to keep it simple.  Well, as simple as I can be!

Do I want readers, you bet, so I will be doing some of those things mentioned above immediately and in time, perhaps the rest will follow suit. But before I have a complete technological meltdown, I’m just going to focus on the goal at hand.  Write daily!

If you would like to follow along on my journey through life, then please feel free to hit the follow button or subscribe via email or even just check back whenever you feel like it.

Til then, thanks for your time.

Elise ♥


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