My Yoga Journey : Part 1


Hello fellow yogis,

Not sure that I can actually call myself a yogi or yogini as yet, as I think you need to have been practising for a whole lot longer than I have.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that since I have started (back) on my yoga journey that I would open up another section of my blog to talk, discuss, share ideas and other general #inconsequential scribblings/ramblings that relate to the topic of Yoga.

Now before I go rambling on about, well nothing, I think a brief history of how I came to be on a yoga mat is warranted.  So here goes.

I found myself on the mat in September / October of 2015 due to a relationship breakdown or as I like to refer to it as my mini mid-life crisis.

I was lost!  Plain and simple!  I didn’t know if it was my job, my partner (at the time), my life or the fact that I was so completely and utterly disconnected from myself, my hopes, my dreams, the essence of me, or that I was travelling down a path that was so far off my life course. Anyhow, I was sobbing, unhappy, disillusioned and nothing seem to make me happy or fill the void within my life.  I had lost my passion for everything.

So after seeing a photo of a school friend on Facebook, who has dedicated the last twelve years of her life to sharing her gift of being a yoga teacher and seeing her so happy, beautiful and forever smiling face, I boarded a plane and headed to Thailand in the hope to find my zen or at the very least a smile.

Upon arriving on to the island, I was shown to my accommodations, which were more than adequate and given my scooter to get around on as I was going to be here for the next five weeks and the place I had was self-contained, which meant I needed to shop.  The scooter also doubled up as my transport around the island for the times I didn’t have yoga.

The next morning my journey started.  My instructions from my teacher were clear.

“I don’t care what you get up to whilst you are here, but it is imperative that you come to class twice a day and just be.  Participate to the fullest.  Tears are allowed, tantrums are fine as long as they are internal and don’t disturb the other yogi’s and be open to the magic that is Yoga”.

Easy enough, or so I thought!  My first class was Vinyasa and whilst I hadn’t done much exercise consistently for a few years, I thought I would be ok.  See my day job is to drive a desk, so therefore the word sedentary and I knew each other well and were, well, BFF’s.  Having never been on a yoga mat or watched a class or for that matter a Youtube video I really didn’t know what I was in for.


The flow was quick, the humidity was high, we were in an outside studio with animals in the next paddock to distract me, my heels didn’t touch the ground in downward dog and I felt every single tight fibre within my body. How did I let things get this bad, I thought.

Having done some spiritual work before, I was accustomed to the ideas behind the practice, but nothing prepared me for the flood of tears that would occur during certain poses and for how utterly exhausted I was at the end of a 90min class.  Savasana soon became my favourite pose.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Feel free to comment, follow or drop back next time you are passing through.

Elise ♥



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