Where has the time gone!

Wow…where has the month gone!

I can see that my challenge of writing every day is working out, oh so well for me…lol, promise that I will get better at this. May take me all year, but I will succeed (fingers crossed)!

As it has been ages since I’ve written anything, this very thought leads me to ponder….what have I been doing since my last post?

Well since then I’ve:-

  • Participated in my first ever Fun Run, well 10km walk for Breast Cancer Awareness and International Women’s’ Day.
    • Still can’t believe I paid an event manager to allow me to walk around a circuit for 10km and who ever decided that Fun and Run should go together, is clearly a very efficient runner or a sadist! Either way it was for a good cause and something else I can tick off my bucket list.


  • Yoga, I’ve been attempting to bend and twist at a few different studios around my area before I committed to one studio in particular. It has been great experience as I’ve tried a few different things (again, tick off the bucket list) by checking out the competition so to speak.
    • Aerial Yoga was one of these things. Never before have I used a hammock style device to assist my non-limber body to stretch and get me into weird positions. I have to say, whilst it was odd and at times a little claustrophobic, it was definitely fun. Although, probably not my cup of tea on a regular basis.


    • Bikram Yoga was another of these things. Now again, which sadistic person thought that adding heat to a yoga class would be a grand idea. My first time I participated in this class, it was 50% humidity and 38 degrees Celsius inside, I was sweating just lying on the floor! Anyhow we started with the breathing exercises and 26 poses that are done every class and half way through Dancer’s pose, I couldn’t stay standing. I suffered light headedness, vertigo and a few other things, which saw me in Child’s Pose on the floor wishing the minutes away and wondering if this is what it’s like to do yoga in Hell. As I don’t like to be beaten by things, I rocked up again and again over the duration of my visitor’s trial and ended up quiet enjoying the class.


  • All in all, I’ve ended up back at the original studio I trialled as they are just a little more experienced and I’ve meshed really well with a couple of the teachers and their styles, not only that, the class times work a little more effectively for my life.


  • Enjoyed a lovely weekend on the motorbike, heading out to Canungra for a lovely breakfast and catch up with friends.


  • Oh, and since I’ve now had the unfortunate privilege of seeing my photos from the Walk, I’ve now successfully joined Weight Watchers (again) to get on the weight loss goal, so expect some updates on my Weight Loss Journey.


This poor blog or online journal really is a bit of a cat’s breakfast at the moment. Perhaps by the end of 2017 it will become apparent what my passions are and perhaps even take some direction.  Until then, thanks for reading and please bear with me.

Elise ♥


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