The Journey Starts

Twenty-seventeen has seen me make a few changes in my life and one such thing is; my want and desire to get my skinny pants back over my currently, not-so-skinny thighs!

I, like many others, have decided to embark or embrace (depending on your perspective) on a weight loss journey. In doing so, I thought that I, like many others again, would document my trials and tribulations for all and sundry to read.

In order to assist me with my journey and keep me on track, I’ve chosen the Weight Watchers program for this quest.

I am doing the program ‘Online’ and believe that keeping this journal will assist in holding myself responsible and accountable.

As a kid I was very active and weight was never an issue for me as I was one of those lucky ones that could stuff my face with anything and everything and not put on any weight whatsoever.

Well, all of that changed when I hit my late twenties and quit my sport. I then took a job where I was sitting for some 10-16hrs a day, whilst getting paid to drive a desk.

In return for all my labour some efforts to get ahead in life, my body rewarded me with; you guessed it, a cessation of my metabolism. Yup, it was like a flick of a switch and it was gone, moved out, shut for business, no longer in operation. My days of eating anything and everything had come to an end, however that didn’t seem to stop me.

It was during the first 18 months of that job, that I managed to stuff 30kgs down my throat and into my fat cells through bad food choices, way too many caramel lattes and a sedentary lifestyle.

Since then, my weight has gone up and down and I have learned to accept my body at each and every stage. Now I did say accept, not love! What I have learned throughout the, to many to count years is; that I am an emotional eater / stuffer!

When things in my life are going great, the weight drops, when it’s not, I only have to look at a piece of chocolate and my weight would increase.

I have done most programs, including Weight Watchers previously (where I had success) in order to shift the kilos. However I am now at a point in my life where I am over, starving myself, drinking nothing but shakes, eating nothing but protein and everything in between. I am now looking for a less restrictive, everything in moderation kind of life and I believe that this is the program for me.

Where I do fall down is, I lack consistency and commitment once I get to goal to maintain. The ‘she’ll be right’ or ‘one won’t hurt’ attitude or the ‘I’m tired and don’t want to exercise today’ excuses kick in.

Well no more!

I am determined to kick the extra padding to the curb and get back into my skinny pants before Christmas of 2017.

I do hope that you will join in on the fun as we inspire, support, nurture, swap stories and even a few recipes along the way as we head to destination; fit and healthy.

Elise x


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