Week 1 Weigh In : ‘Wait, I’m not ready’

Well, it’s finally here!

The Week 1 weigh in, and in a few short moments, I will know whether it’s been a good week and a good start to this journey or, a better not discuss it, any further week.

Holding my breath, about to stand on the scale, I pause, I hesitate and vocalise to myself; ‘Nah I might just wait a minute, might need to pee again and well that could be the difference between a loss or not. Procrastination sets in and I busy myself with anything other than standing on that scale, ha.

Alright, it’s time to bite the bullet and stop being a wuss!

I creep up to the scale, place one toe on it, then another, then a foot, and another foot. OMG, I’m now standing on the scale.

Don’t look down, don’t look down and well of course, when you tell yourself or someone else tells you not to do something, what do we always do? The very thing we are telling ourselves not to do, so I….LOOK DOWN!

Weigh in

It reads a loss of, no, that can’t be right. Let me try again, step off, step on, hmm, let’s go for the best of three. Step off, step on.

Well after three readings all the same, the result is: 2.2kg loss.


I’m all over it, I think to myself, but then reality sets in.  I still have a whopping 27.8kg to shed and I know that the first week is usually a bit easier as I am always a bit more gung-ho and really diligent, so, I will just have to take it; one meal at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time and see how this all pans out.

Elise x


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