A Bit Extreme?

Today I was excited at thought that my partner might surprise me tonight with a midweek visit.  Being the diligent girlfriend that I am, I thought it best to ‘test the waters’ and query if this may still be a possibility so as to stock the fridge with some food items for dinner.

To my surprise, I received a text advising that he thought about it last night and decided instead of spending the night with me, he would throw himself down the stairs.  He is now nursing a jarred back and twisted ankle and has decided to stay at home instead, understandably.

So, that lead me to think; Are there people in the world that honestly come up with excuses not to spend time with their significant other and what are some of the best that you’ve heard?


**In all honesty, he was running through the house as he was in a rush to answer his phone, (which wasn’t me by the way). Upon approach to the stairwell, he stepped on the very edge of the step and as it is carpeted, he slipped and down he went.  In his defence, whilst traversing the stairwell in a kart-wheel style motion, he did manage to protect his Ipad that he was carrying in his hand, so at least it wasn’t all for nothing, ha.**



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