How Many Points Was That?

TrackingSince starting my Weight Watchers journey just over a week ago, my nights have very quickly turned into something that resembles a statistician working out the latest polling figures for the Trump campaign.

I mean, I sit down in front of the television and flick on something motivating to watch, either My Kitchen Rules or The Biggest Loser Transformed and then proceed to plot, chart and work my around the Smart Points system to figure out what I can eat tomorrow, whilst always allowing for a little indulgence, so as not to feel deprived.

If I’m not doing the online thing, I’m going through my pantry scanning bar codes in order to work out how many Smart Points are in that particular product. To my neighbours, I must look like am in training to become a shelf stacker or merchandiser with those little scanner machines that we see being used at the supermarkets.

But whilst I complain about tracking everything, I must admit, it does work. It allows me to gain perspective on how much processed food I was consuming and how that one extra biscuit puts me over the limit.  By putting in the time the night before, it allows me to get up in the morning and know exactly what I am going to have for breakfast without even thinking about it, which when rushed is a godsend.

So my tips for being on this journey:-

  1. Track everything that passes your lips, so as not to end up on your hips!
  2. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables because they are 0 Smart Points.
  3. Getting moving. A little each day goes a long way!

Speaking of which, I must get going myself as I have a yoga class to attend.


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