10 things you probably didn’t know about me!

Today I thought I would do a post about me!

Hold up! I hear you say….Isn’t your entire blog about you?

Hmm….well yes, I guess it kinda is.

Now, feeling kinda self-absorbed, I’m going to justify my selfish indulgence and fob it off as; I’m working to complete my 2017 challenge of writing daily.  That works, and I’m feeling much better about this post already, ha!

Anyhow, throwing caution to the wind, here goes.

10 things

I’m a twin and I’m older than my brother by 10 minutes.

We have a great relationship and he never lets me forget this fact, as on a milestone birthday, the message in my card reads; I’ll never be as old as you sis. Nice!

I kite-board.

Now, I’m not into aerial tricks etc but I do like to do the odd ‘floaty/girly’ jump from time to time. It’s a great way to disconnect. Just me, the kite, the board, the wind and the water…bliss!

I enjoy baking.

I love the challenge of creating some biscuits, slice or cake and the way it makes the house smell, yum!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Might have to get the recipe books out and get creating this weekend.

I dislike horror movies.

However my partner enjoys them. So at times I endure them by sitting on the couch and covering my eyes with a pillow in the gruesome parts!  Then I go to bed with all the lights in the house switched on.

I love to Travel.

I have a strong desire to do more of it, with Canada being high on my bucket list.

I can’t whistle to save myself.

Many have tried to teach me this very vital skill and show me how to pucker up, but I fail each and every time.

I can’t stand shortbread.

I used to love it as a kid, but then one family Christmas get together, a member of the family made a big batch of home-made shortbread cookies and guess who scoffed the lot with a big glass of milk! Yup, it was me! It was great at the time, but then I spent the rest of the night hugging the toilet bowl. Never touched the stuff again.

I ride a motorbike as a hobby.

It’s a great way to get out and see something different on the country roads. Enjoy a brunch / lunch somewhere and explore something different.

I have a strong dislike for liver and tripe.

I grew up with a mother who used to prepare, Kidney & Liver stew with rice and Tripe & White Sauce. Let’s just say, I spent a lot of time at the dinner table pushing that meal around my plate trying to create semi flattened mounds and hide the food so that it looked like I had eaten my fill. I went to bed hungry on those evenings.

My favourite colour is pink.

Enough said really.

So there you have it!  10 things you probably didn’t know about me.  If you would like to share 10 things I probably don’t know about you, feel free to do so in the comments section.


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