Weekend Wrap Up : Motorbike Ride : Maleny via Bellthorpe

A week of much needed rain throughout the Brisbane region, saw our weekend soccer commitments cancelled, leaving us to ponder what to do.

With the kids at their mum’s house for the weekend, my partner looked at me and said those fun-filled, adventurous words; Let’s ride!

“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days” ~ Unknown

Saturday morning, we awoke and checked the weather forecast again, just to make sure nothing had changed from the night before, as riding in the rain, really isn’t much fun! The weather looked good for the day, so we donned our gear and got on our faithful motorbikes of choice and headed north.

The Route:-

Source: Google Maps


We left Carseldine service station and headed north up the highway to Woodford. From there we headed towards Maleny via Bellthorpe.

Having never ridden through Bellthorpe before, I was pleasantly surprised. We had the road to ourselves and the scenery was spectacular as we wound our way up the side of the mountain. The road is sealed and is in good condition and offered a few nice hairpins.  On the way up, the road is marked through the main section of the mountain, however there are plenty of sections that aren’t guard railed, so caution needs to be exercised.

We meandered up, as the road was still wet from earlier showers and we were now entering a gorgeous place amongst the clouds offering lots of raw beauty to look at. Once up the top we continued to follow the road signs to Maleny via the fields and pastures with views out over the Glass House Mountains down toward the sun-filled coastline.  However, there was definitely a noticeable change in the temperature and it became quite cool. Winter is definitely on its way!

Bike in hills

The road through Bellthorpe is sealed and approx 1.5m wide, however as it is grazing land there are the odd few sections where the cattle has crossed the road to other pastures and that brings with it the odd cow patty and loose dirt. We didn’t see any cattle wandering freely up there as all the paddocks appear to be fenced.


Heading into Maleny, we were looking for somewhere to park and noticed that there are a few designated bike park areas, all signed for 2hr parking just near each of the zebra crossings. We easily fitted our two bikes into one space.

For lunch, we pulled up a chair at the Pallet Life Gallery Café. This little delight is hiding out within the Artisan Market.  The Pallet Life Gallery Café serves soup, light sandwiches, salads, an all-day breakfast and an American style pulled pork burger (which my partner enjoyed), along with milkshakes, smoothies and fresh juices.  Whilst the menu isn’t overly extensive, it certainly had enough for us to choose from and the serves were generous enough to fill our hungry tummies.  Just note that at this point in time, tea, coffee and soft drinks aren’t on offer, however there are plenty of other locations in which to grab a take away or move to for coffee and cake afterwards if you suffer from a sweet tooth addiction.

Lazy lizard sunning himself on the fence whilst we were enjoying lunch


After lunch and a bit more of a stretch, we decided to continue our trip to Kenilworth as neither of us had been there before. Kenilworth is approx. 80kms from Maleny, again on sealed roads with most of the road speed limit at 80km p/hr.  Kenilworth itself is quaint and offers a few tea/coffee houses, however I think the main attraction is, Kenilworth Country Foods Pty Ltd, also known as the Cheese Factory.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to stop and to be honest, I only noticed it on the way out of town, plus it was getting late and we needed to head back.

If you choose to continue on the road heading north, the next township would be Eumundi, however we decided to double-back along the same roads that we had come up on.

Overall we spent a good half a day on the road. Which included an hour and a half for lunch and shopping at Maleny. Our overall experience; a great day out.

We hope that this review and insight into what we got up to on the weekend offers a little inspiration if you are looking for something to do for a day trip. We would love to hear your comments, thoughts on the above or perhaps what you did on your weekend.


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