Week 2 : Weigh In

So, today marked the second weigh in on my weight loss journey and well, what can I say….it was a loss!

This week I lost a whopping, wait for it….300 grams.

That’s just over a tub of butter.

So whilst the figures don’t look like much, when I look at a tub of butter, I suddenly feel better. Now, that’s not something that I ever thought that I would hear myself say, ha!

250 gram tub of butter


I believe it’s pointless to beat myself up over what is deemed to be a small loss.  The fact is, it’s a loss and I’m actually happy with that, and to be honest, was I the best that I could have been this week…um, no!

So, what happened?

It was all going well until the weekend kicked in and I’ve just recently been introduced, ok, ok, since we are being honest, I stumbled across these amazing Vodka Cruiser drinks called Chocolate Milkshake and OMG do they taste amazing.

So one of these little gem’s is equivalent to 11 points! Now that’s a fair whack of points considering I only have 32 per day to consume and well, it’s really hard to just stop at one of these chocolaty delights.  Not only that, when you have a drink you are generally in a somewhat social environment, even if that is at home on the couch with your partner watching TV.  Now what goes well with a drink in one hand? A snack in the other, of course.  Cue potato chips here!

I mean seriously, the thought crossed my mind ever so fleetingly to get up and create a healthy snack alternative of carrot sticks and hummus but it didn’t quiet have the same blissful indulgence as chips did, so that idea got scrapped.

Also, whilst travelling, I was dining on room service and well, they have the most amazing crème brulee at this place and yup you guessed it, after a day of meetings and flights, I indulged and didn’t even care!

So can I whinge about my 300 grams? Absolutely not!  If anything, I am over the moon with gratitude that it was a loss and not a gain.

What does this mean now?

I have to get back on the blue dot challenge and ensure that this week I’m adhering to the program completely.

I still have some 27.3kg to go. Along with completing a small challenge that I’ve set myself, which was to lose 10kg by 20 May, therefore I have 7.5kg to go and only 7 weeks and a couple of days in which to do it.

Achievable? I believe so!


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