Week 2 : Weigh In

So, today marked the second weigh in on my weight loss journey and well, what can I say….it was a loss!

This week I lost a whopping, wait for it….300 grams.

That’s just over a tub of butter.

So whilst the figures don’t look like much, when I look at a tub of butter, I suddenly feel better. Now, that’s not something that I ever thought that I would hear myself say, ha!

250 gram tub of butter


I believe it’s pointless to beat myself up over what is deemed to be a small loss.  The fact is, it’s a loss and I’m actually happy with that, and to be honest, was I the best that I could have been this week…um, no!

So, what happened?

It was all going well until the weekend kicked in and I’ve just recently been introduced, ok, ok, since we are being honest, I stumbled across these amazing Vodka Cruiser drinks called Chocolate Milkshake and OMG do they taste amazing.

So one of these little gem’s is equivalent to 11 points! Now that’s a fair whack of points considering I only have 32 per day to consume and well, it’s really hard to just stop at one of these chocolaty delights.  Not only that, when you have a drink you are generally in a somewhat social environment, even if that is at home on the couch with your partner watching TV.  Now what goes well with a drink in one hand? A snack in the other, of course.  Cue potato chips here!

I mean seriously, the thought crossed my mind ever so fleetingly to get up and create a healthy snack alternative of carrot sticks and hummus but it didn’t quiet have the same blissful indulgence as chips did, so that idea got scrapped.

Also, whilst travelling, I was dining on room service and well, they have the most amazing crème brulee at this place and yup you guessed it, after a day of meetings and flights, I indulged and didn’t even care!

So can I whinge about my 300 grams? Absolutely not!  If anything, I am over the moon with gratitude that it was a loss and not a gain.

What does this mean now?

I have to get back on the blue dot challenge and ensure that this week I’m adhering to the program completely.

I still have some 27.3kg to go. Along with completing a small challenge that I’ve set myself, which was to lose 10kg by 20 May, therefore I have 7.5kg to go and only 7 weeks and a couple of days in which to do it.

Achievable? I believe so!


Weekend Wrap Up : Motorbike Ride : Maleny via Bellthorpe

A week of much needed rain throughout the Brisbane region, saw our weekend soccer commitments cancelled, leaving us to ponder what to do.

With the kids at their mum’s house for the weekend, my partner looked at me and said those fun-filled, adventurous words; Let’s ride!

“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days” ~ Unknown

Saturday morning, we awoke and checked the weather forecast again, just to make sure nothing had changed from the night before, as riding in the rain, really isn’t much fun! The weather looked good for the day, so we donned our gear and got on our faithful motorbikes of choice and headed north.

The Route:-

Source: Google Maps


We left Carseldine service station and headed north up the highway to Woodford. From there we headed towards Maleny via Bellthorpe.

Having never ridden through Bellthorpe before, I was pleasantly surprised. We had the road to ourselves and the scenery was spectacular as we wound our way up the side of the mountain. The road is sealed and is in good condition and offered a few nice hairpins.  On the way up, the road is marked through the main section of the mountain, however there are plenty of sections that aren’t guard railed, so caution needs to be exercised.

We meandered up, as the road was still wet from earlier showers and we were now entering a gorgeous place amongst the clouds offering lots of raw beauty to look at. Once up the top we continued to follow the road signs to Maleny via the fields and pastures with views out over the Glass House Mountains down toward the sun-filled coastline.  However, there was definitely a noticeable change in the temperature and it became quite cool. Winter is definitely on its way!

Bike in hills

The road through Bellthorpe is sealed and approx 1.5m wide, however as it is grazing land there are the odd few sections where the cattle has crossed the road to other pastures and that brings with it the odd cow patty and loose dirt. We didn’t see any cattle wandering freely up there as all the paddocks appear to be fenced.


Heading into Maleny, we were looking for somewhere to park and noticed that there are a few designated bike park areas, all signed for 2hr parking just near each of the zebra crossings. We easily fitted our two bikes into one space.

For lunch, we pulled up a chair at the Pallet Life Gallery Café. This little delight is hiding out within the Artisan Market.  The Pallet Life Gallery Café serves soup, light sandwiches, salads, an all-day breakfast and an American style pulled pork burger (which my partner enjoyed), along with milkshakes, smoothies and fresh juices.  Whilst the menu isn’t overly extensive, it certainly had enough for us to choose from and the serves were generous enough to fill our hungry tummies.  Just note that at this point in time, tea, coffee and soft drinks aren’t on offer, however there are plenty of other locations in which to grab a take away or move to for coffee and cake afterwards if you suffer from a sweet tooth addiction.

Lazy lizard sunning himself on the fence whilst we were enjoying lunch


After lunch and a bit more of a stretch, we decided to continue our trip to Kenilworth as neither of us had been there before. Kenilworth is approx. 80kms from Maleny, again on sealed roads with most of the road speed limit at 80km p/hr.  Kenilworth itself is quaint and offers a few tea/coffee houses, however I think the main attraction is, Kenilworth Country Foods Pty Ltd, also known as the Cheese Factory.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to stop and to be honest, I only noticed it on the way out of town, plus it was getting late and we needed to head back.

If you choose to continue on the road heading north, the next township would be Eumundi, however we decided to double-back along the same roads that we had come up on.

Overall we spent a good half a day on the road. Which included an hour and a half for lunch and shopping at Maleny. Our overall experience; a great day out.

We hope that this review and insight into what we got up to on the weekend offers a little inspiration if you are looking for something to do for a day trip. We would love to hear your comments, thoughts on the above or perhaps what you did on your weekend.

Chatter, Wine and Dating Advice

Today I received an adhoc invitation from one of my BFF’s for a last minute lunch date. Now we are pretty good and try and catch up at least once a month, but of late, each time we schedule something, one of us needs to cancel due to work commitments.  That, unfortunately, is just life.

So when I saw her email pop up saying the words; you around? Let’s do lunch. I was naturally quite excited.  Nothing gets me going more on a rainy Friday afternoon than a gossip with a bestie and vino.  Seriously! What more could a girl ask for? More vino? An afternoon of vino? Totally agree!


Anyhoo, we arrive at our usual hang out and do the order thing and then get right down to it…the nitty gritty of each other’s lives. In other words, The Gossip!

It was during said gossip session that I happened to ask her how her love life was going. Now it’s no secret to her family, friends, work colleagues and anyone else who knows her, that she is a single mum, she has a great job, she is passionate and has interests of her own and is looking for love.  Now this should, in my opinion, look pretty good on paper to a prospective suitor, right?  Wrong!

She proceeds to tell me stories about how men never respond, never strike up a conversation, never ask for anything more than a quickie or a nude selfie. It provokes me to think; What is the world coming to?  

Sadly, I can empathise with her over this topic. It was just over a year and a bit ago that I was in the exact same position. Trolling the net for love and wading through the dozens and dozens of emails requesting one night stands, breakfast in bed or even, can you give me a massage luv.  WT?  I think the best one I recall was; hey gorgeous, what you doing for the next 15 minutes.  Wow!  Really?

Mustering all the hope and enthusiasm I could, I told her not to give up, even though I knew exactly where she was at. I also mentioned that perhaps she could review the apps she is using for this journey. I believe that some are better than others, more genuine and have a less sleazy stigma.

As the conversation progresses, she brings out her phone and shoves it in my face stating: look, look what is out there.  After removing the device from my nose and wiping away the makeup imprint, I review the selection.  At first, I was a bit taken aback, seriously, there was a plethora of suitable candidates in her age group (38 – 40) that I believe are worth making contact with.

I asked her, why not make contact with that one? He was clean cut, dressed appropriately and looked like he had some personality. The response: he’s not sexy! Seriously?

It was at this point I almost reached across the table and smacked her around. I couldn’t help but tell her in the only way I know how, my subtle as a brick tone: It’s no wonder you are having a hard time, you’re not even open to the possibility of getting to know someone and then perhaps allowing for a friendship to develop and perhaps for love to grow.

She is looking for chemistry and love from the get go. In my opinion, this is lust.

Lust, whilst intoxicating, in my opinion, rarely yields anything more than a bit of fun. I mentioned to her that perhaps she should be looking for someone who was compatible and then in time, love may grow.

She rolled her eyes and ordered another drink! But hey, what would I know right?


I’d love to hear from my readers on what your thoughts are around lust and compatibility. Are you open to finding someone that you are mildly attracted to and then give it a go, or are you looking for hot and steamy from the get go?

10 things you probably didn’t know about me!

Today I thought I would do a post about me!

Hold up! I hear you say….Isn’t your entire blog about you?

Hmm….well yes, I guess it kinda is.

Now, feeling kinda self-absorbed, I’m going to justify my selfish indulgence and fob it off as; I’m working to complete my 2017 challenge of writing daily.  That works, and I’m feeling much better about this post already, ha!

Anyhow, throwing caution to the wind, here goes.

10 things

I’m a twin and I’m older than my brother by 10 minutes.

We have a great relationship and he never lets me forget this fact, as on a milestone birthday, the message in my card reads; I’ll never be as old as you sis. Nice!

I kite-board.

Now, I’m not into aerial tricks etc but I do like to do the odd ‘floaty/girly’ jump from time to time. It’s a great way to disconnect. Just me, the kite, the board, the wind and the water…bliss!

I enjoy baking.

I love the challenge of creating some biscuits, slice or cake and the way it makes the house smell, yum!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Might have to get the recipe books out and get creating this weekend.

I dislike horror movies.

However my partner enjoys them. So at times I endure them by sitting on the couch and covering my eyes with a pillow in the gruesome parts!  Then I go to bed with all the lights in the house switched on.

I love to Travel.

I have a strong desire to do more of it, with Canada being high on my bucket list.

I can’t whistle to save myself.

Many have tried to teach me this very vital skill and show me how to pucker up, but I fail each and every time.

I can’t stand shortbread.

I used to love it as a kid, but then one family Christmas get together, a member of the family made a big batch of home-made shortbread cookies and guess who scoffed the lot with a big glass of milk! Yup, it was me! It was great at the time, but then I spent the rest of the night hugging the toilet bowl. Never touched the stuff again.

I ride a motorbike as a hobby.

It’s a great way to get out and see something different on the country roads. Enjoy a brunch / lunch somewhere and explore something different.

I have a strong dislike for liver and tripe.

I grew up with a mother who used to prepare, Kidney & Liver stew with rice and Tripe & White Sauce. Let’s just say, I spent a lot of time at the dinner table pushing that meal around my plate trying to create semi flattened mounds and hide the food so that it looked like I had eaten my fill. I went to bed hungry on those evenings.

My favourite colour is pink.

Enough said really.

So there you have it!  10 things you probably didn’t know about me.  If you would like to share 10 things I probably don’t know about you, feel free to do so in the comments section.

A Bit Extreme?

Today I was excited at thought that my partner might surprise me tonight with a midweek visit.  Being the diligent girlfriend that I am, I thought it best to ‘test the waters’ and query if this may still be a possibility so as to stock the fridge with some food items for dinner.

To my surprise, I received a text advising that he thought about it last night and decided instead of spending the night with me, he would throw himself down the stairs.  He is now nursing a jarred back and twisted ankle and has decided to stay at home instead, understandably.

So, that lead me to think; Are there people in the world that honestly come up with excuses not to spend time with their significant other and what are some of the best that you’ve heard?


**In all honesty, he was running through the house as he was in a rush to answer his phone, (which wasn’t me by the way). Upon approach to the stairwell, he stepped on the very edge of the step and as it is carpeted, he slipped and down he went.  In his defence, whilst traversing the stairwell in a kart-wheel style motion, he did manage to protect his Ipad that he was carrying in his hand, so at least it wasn’t all for nothing, ha.**


How Many Points Was That?

TrackingSince starting my Weight Watchers journey just over a week ago, my nights have very quickly turned into something that resembles a statistician working out the latest polling figures for the Trump campaign.

I mean, I sit down in front of the television and flick on something motivating to watch, either My Kitchen Rules or The Biggest Loser Transformed and then proceed to plot, chart and work my around the Smart Points system to figure out what I can eat tomorrow, whilst always allowing for a little indulgence, so as not to feel deprived.

If I’m not doing the online thing, I’m going through my pantry scanning bar codes in order to work out how many Smart Points are in that particular product. To my neighbours, I must look like am in training to become a shelf stacker or merchandiser with those little scanner machines that we see being used at the supermarkets.

But whilst I complain about tracking everything, I must admit, it does work. It allows me to gain perspective on how much processed food I was consuming and how that one extra biscuit puts me over the limit.  By putting in the time the night before, it allows me to get up in the morning and know exactly what I am going to have for breakfast without even thinking about it, which when rushed is a godsend.

So my tips for being on this journey:-

  1. Track everything that passes your lips, so as not to end up on your hips!
  2. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables because they are 0 Smart Points.
  3. Getting moving. A little each day goes a long way!

Speaking of which, I must get going myself as I have a yoga class to attend.

Week 1 Weigh In : ‘Wait, I’m not ready’

Well, it’s finally here!

The Week 1 weigh in, and in a few short moments, I will know whether it’s been a good week and a good start to this journey or, a better not discuss it, any further week.

Holding my breath, about to stand on the scale, I pause, I hesitate and vocalise to myself; ‘Nah I might just wait a minute, might need to pee again and well that could be the difference between a loss or not. Procrastination sets in and I busy myself with anything other than standing on that scale, ha.

Alright, it’s time to bite the bullet and stop being a wuss!

I creep up to the scale, place one toe on it, then another, then a foot, and another foot. OMG, I’m now standing on the scale.

Don’t look down, don’t look down and well of course, when you tell yourself or someone else tells you not to do something, what do we always do? The very thing we are telling ourselves not to do, so I….LOOK DOWN!

Weigh in

It reads a loss of, no, that can’t be right. Let me try again, step off, step on, hmm, let’s go for the best of three. Step off, step on.

Well after three readings all the same, the result is: 2.2kg loss.


I’m all over it, I think to myself, but then reality sets in.  I still have a whopping 27.8kg to shed and I know that the first week is usually a bit easier as I am always a bit more gung-ho and really diligent, so, I will just have to take it; one meal at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time and see how this all pans out.

Elise x

The Journey Starts

Twenty-seventeen has seen me make a few changes in my life and one such thing is; my want and desire to get my skinny pants back over my currently, not-so-skinny thighs!

I, like many others, have decided to embark or embrace (depending on your perspective) on a weight loss journey. In doing so, I thought that I, like many others again, would document my trials and tribulations for all and sundry to read.

In order to assist me with my journey and keep me on track, I’ve chosen the Weight Watchers program for this quest.

I am doing the program ‘Online’ and believe that keeping this journal will assist in holding myself responsible and accountable.

As a kid I was very active and weight was never an issue for me as I was one of those lucky ones that could stuff my face with anything and everything and not put on any weight whatsoever.

Well, all of that changed when I hit my late twenties and quit my sport. I then took a job where I was sitting for some 10-16hrs a day, whilst getting paid to drive a desk.

In return for all my labour some efforts to get ahead in life, my body rewarded me with; you guessed it, a cessation of my metabolism. Yup, it was like a flick of a switch and it was gone, moved out, shut for business, no longer in operation. My days of eating anything and everything had come to an end, however that didn’t seem to stop me.

It was during the first 18 months of that job, that I managed to stuff 30kgs down my throat and into my fat cells through bad food choices, way too many caramel lattes and a sedentary lifestyle.

Since then, my weight has gone up and down and I have learned to accept my body at each and every stage. Now I did say accept, not love! What I have learned throughout the, to many to count years is; that I am an emotional eater / stuffer!

When things in my life are going great, the weight drops, when it’s not, I only have to look at a piece of chocolate and my weight would increase.

I have done most programs, including Weight Watchers previously (where I had success) in order to shift the kilos. However I am now at a point in my life where I am over, starving myself, drinking nothing but shakes, eating nothing but protein and everything in between. I am now looking for a less restrictive, everything in moderation kind of life and I believe that this is the program for me.

Where I do fall down is, I lack consistency and commitment once I get to goal to maintain. The ‘she’ll be right’ or ‘one won’t hurt’ attitude or the ‘I’m tired and don’t want to exercise today’ excuses kick in.

Well no more!

I am determined to kick the extra padding to the curb and get back into my skinny pants before Christmas of 2017.

I do hope that you will join in on the fun as we inspire, support, nurture, swap stories and even a few recipes along the way as we head to destination; fit and healthy.

Elise x

My Dog Won’t Get Out Of Bed


My dog won’t get out of bed, but I have to!

How does that work?

Why does he get to stay home and laze around all day, sleeping, stretching, grazing and doing all things that dogs do?

Actually, I have often wondered what he gets up to when I’m not there. Probably nothing, I’m thinking!

What do your pets get up to when you’re not at home?

Where has the time gone!

Wow…where has the month gone!

I can see that my challenge of writing every day is working out, oh so well for me…lol, promise that I will get better at this. May take me all year, but I will succeed (fingers crossed)!

As it has been ages since I’ve written anything, this very thought leads me to ponder….what have I been doing since my last post?

Well since then I’ve:-

  • Participated in my first ever Fun Run, well 10km walk for Breast Cancer Awareness and International Women’s’ Day.
    • Still can’t believe I paid an event manager to allow me to walk around a circuit for 10km and who ever decided that Fun and Run should go together, is clearly a very efficient runner or a sadist! Either way it was for a good cause and something else I can tick off my bucket list.


  • Yoga, I’ve been attempting to bend and twist at a few different studios around my area before I committed to one studio in particular. It has been great experience as I’ve tried a few different things (again, tick off the bucket list) by checking out the competition so to speak.
    • Aerial Yoga was one of these things. Never before have I used a hammock style device to assist my non-limber body to stretch and get me into weird positions. I have to say, whilst it was odd and at times a little claustrophobic, it was definitely fun. Although, probably not my cup of tea on a regular basis.


    • Bikram Yoga was another of these things. Now again, which sadistic person thought that adding heat to a yoga class would be a grand idea. My first time I participated in this class, it was 50% humidity and 38 degrees Celsius inside, I was sweating just lying on the floor! Anyhow we started with the breathing exercises and 26 poses that are done every class and half way through Dancer’s pose, I couldn’t stay standing. I suffered light headedness, vertigo and a few other things, which saw me in Child’s Pose on the floor wishing the minutes away and wondering if this is what it’s like to do yoga in Hell. As I don’t like to be beaten by things, I rocked up again and again over the duration of my visitor’s trial and ended up quiet enjoying the class.


  • All in all, I’ve ended up back at the original studio I trialled as they are just a little more experienced and I’ve meshed really well with a couple of the teachers and their styles, not only that, the class times work a little more effectively for my life.


  • Enjoyed a lovely weekend on the motorbike, heading out to Canungra for a lovely breakfast and catch up with friends.


  • Oh, and since I’ve now had the unfortunate privilege of seeing my photos from the Walk, I’ve now successfully joined Weight Watchers (again) to get on the weight loss goal, so expect some updates on my Weight Loss Journey.


This poor blog or online journal really is a bit of a cat’s breakfast at the moment. Perhaps by the end of 2017 it will become apparent what my passions are and perhaps even take some direction.  Until then, thanks for reading and please bear with me.

Elise ♥