Where has the time gone!

Wow…where has the month gone!

I can see that my challenge of writing every day is working out, oh so well for me…lol, promise that I will get better at this. May take me all year, but I will succeed (fingers crossed)!

As it has been ages since I’ve written anything, this very thought leads me to ponder….what have I been doing since my last post?

Well since then I’ve:-

  • Participated in my first ever Fun Run, well 10km walk for Breast Cancer Awareness and International Women’s’ Day.
    • Still can’t believe I paid an event manager to allow me to walk around a circuit for 10km and who ever decided that Fun and Run should go together, is clearly a very efficient runner or a sadist! Either way it was for a good cause and something else I can tick off my bucket list.


  • Yoga, I’ve been attempting to bend and twist at a few different studios around my area before I committed to one studio in particular. It has been great experience as I’ve tried a few different things (again, tick off the bucket list) by checking out the competition so to speak.
    • Aerial Yoga was one of these things. Never before have I used a hammock style device to assist my non-limber body to stretch and get me into weird positions. I have to say, whilst it was odd and at times a little claustrophobic, it was definitely fun. Although, probably not my cup of tea on a regular basis.


    • Bikram Yoga was another of these things. Now again, which sadistic person thought that adding heat to a yoga class would be a grand idea. My first time I participated in this class, it was 50% humidity and 38 degrees Celsius inside, I was sweating just lying on the floor! Anyhow we started with the breathing exercises and 26 poses that are done every class and half way through Dancer’s pose, I couldn’t stay standing. I suffered light headedness, vertigo and a few other things, which saw me in Child’s Pose on the floor wishing the minutes away and wondering if this is what it’s like to do yoga in Hell. As I don’t like to be beaten by things, I rocked up again and again over the duration of my visitor’s trial and ended up quiet enjoying the class.


  • All in all, I’ve ended up back at the original studio I trialled as they are just a little more experienced and I’ve meshed really well with a couple of the teachers and their styles, not only that, the class times work a little more effectively for my life.


  • Enjoyed a lovely weekend on the motorbike, heading out to Canungra for a lovely breakfast and catch up with friends.


  • Oh, and since I’ve now had the unfortunate privilege of seeing my photos from the Walk, I’ve now successfully joined Weight Watchers (again) to get on the weight loss goal, so expect some updates on my Weight Loss Journey.


This poor blog or online journal really is a bit of a cat’s breakfast at the moment. Perhaps by the end of 2017 it will become apparent what my passions are and perhaps even take some direction.  Until then, thanks for reading and please bear with me.

Elise ♥


My Yoga Journey : Part 3

Fast forward to February 2017, three weeks ago to be precise and since departing Thailand in October of 2015, I think I have stepped on a yoga mat all of about six times.

I made excuses, that I didn’t like the studio, didn’t like the teachers. Or the class times just didn’t work for me. Didn’t matter what it was, I could find fault.

Clearly my mindfulness and positive spirit had departed my body somewhere in 2016.

As the 2017 new year approached and a few feelings of hopelessness, doubt, defeat and not feeling worthy crept in, I thought it best to change my tune.

My teacher friend from Thailand was back in Oz for a few days and made some time to catch up with me. During these conversations, I explained my situation and from her findings of both her life experiences and that of her students from around the world, I had lost myself, my vision, my passion and was again off course.

Her instructions were clear again, “return to the mat”, which I did that night and haven’t gotten off it since.

How I felt after just one class was amazing. I could hardly sleep that night as my energies had started to move and my passion for life had started to return.  In the past few weeks I have been more productive in my own personal life than I have been for the past year or so.

I can’t recommend enough that if you are having some difficulties in life or just need a pick me up or to perhaps just put yourself first, then give Yoga a try. There are a few different styles, ensure you try them all and stick to one that works for you.  Believe in yourself and let the magic happen.


My Yoga Journey : Part 2


As three weeks approached of turning up to class six days a week, the tears had started to subside and my breath slowed.  During this time, I introduced myself to journaling, attempting to meditate and just be, wherever on the island I was at the time.

The often talked about ‘yoga high’ had started to creep in and I was actually starting to unwind and look forward to classes.  Can’t say that I was sprinting to each and every one, but they were definitely more bearable and my smile was starting to return.


Being silly after a yoga class – yoga high?

After another two weeks, I was well on my way to healing and had the space to plan my next move.  Not only that, my body had granted me permission to endure my very first crow pose.


Not as elegant as what you see in a Yoga magazine and by some other bloggers, but nonetheless, I was happy with my progress.

Upon returning to Australia, I had made the decision to leave that relationship and the space that I was residing in, as neither was serving a purpose anymore.

I relocated to another property, got settled and had gingerly started to date again.  It didn’t take long for me to meet a wonderful man who was happy to take things slowly.

Back home and back at work, things had now started to settle down.  I tried a couple of times to head to classes and get back in the swing of things, but life on the island was much simpler than my ‘real’ life.

My island routine:-

  • Get up
  • Yoga
  • Breakfast / brunch
  • Rest
  • Go for a ride / swim / be a tourist
  • Yoga
  • Dinner
  • Massage
  • Rest / Journal / Meditate

This was pretty much it on the repeat cycle for five weeks.  Simplistic, easy, no stress.



Upon my return, I had to contend with going back to work and sitting in an office, being back on call 24/7 and the never ending stream of the daily traffic commute, as well as all the domestic duties and cooking for myself again (oh how I missed a quick trip to the night markets for dinner).


Getting to a class was becoming difficult and whilst I tried a couple of Youtube video’s at home, I was constantly getting distracted by my dog.  Soon it all became too hard and the mat was put away indefinitely.  Cue any excuse and insert here!


Stay tuned for Part 3.



My Yoga Journey : Part 1


Hello fellow yogis,

Not sure that I can actually call myself a yogi or yogini as yet, as I think you need to have been practising for a whole lot longer than I have.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that since I have started (back) on my yoga journey that I would open up another section of my blog to talk, discuss, share ideas and other general #inconsequential scribblings/ramblings that relate to the topic of Yoga.

Now before I go rambling on about, well nothing, I think a brief history of how I came to be on a yoga mat is warranted.  So here goes.

I found myself on the mat in September / October of 2015 due to a relationship breakdown or as I like to refer to it as my mini mid-life crisis.

I was lost!  Plain and simple!  I didn’t know if it was my job, my partner (at the time), my life or the fact that I was so completely and utterly disconnected from myself, my hopes, my dreams, the essence of me, or that I was travelling down a path that was so far off my life course. Anyhow, I was sobbing, unhappy, disillusioned and nothing seem to make me happy or fill the void within my life.  I had lost my passion for everything.

So after seeing a photo of a school friend on Facebook, who has dedicated the last twelve years of her life to sharing her gift of being a yoga teacher and seeing her so happy, beautiful and forever smiling face, I boarded a plane and headed to Thailand in the hope to find my zen or at the very least a smile.

Upon arriving on to the island, I was shown to my accommodations, which were more than adequate and given my scooter to get around on as I was going to be here for the next five weeks and the place I had was self-contained, which meant I needed to shop.  The scooter also doubled up as my transport around the island for the times I didn’t have yoga.

The next morning my journey started.  My instructions from my teacher were clear.

“I don’t care what you get up to whilst you are here, but it is imperative that you come to class twice a day and just be.  Participate to the fullest.  Tears are allowed, tantrums are fine as long as they are internal and don’t disturb the other yogi’s and be open to the magic that is Yoga”.

Easy enough, or so I thought!  My first class was Vinyasa and whilst I hadn’t done much exercise consistently for a few years, I thought I would be ok.  See my day job is to drive a desk, so therefore the word sedentary and I knew each other well and were, well, BFF’s.  Having never been on a yoga mat or watched a class or for that matter a Youtube video I really didn’t know what I was in for.


The flow was quick, the humidity was high, we were in an outside studio with animals in the next paddock to distract me, my heels didn’t touch the ground in downward dog and I felt every single tight fibre within my body. How did I let things get this bad, I thought.

Having done some spiritual work before, I was accustomed to the ideas behind the practice, but nothing prepared me for the flood of tears that would occur during certain poses and for how utterly exhausted I was at the end of a 90min class.  Savasana soon became my favourite pose.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Feel free to comment, follow or drop back next time you are passing through.

Elise ♥